The Concept of God

I have a senior who once won a prize at a paper presentation contest for a paper of the same title as that of this posting. I thought he was an idiot to have wasted time thinking about God or even trying to conceptualize Him..oops is it Her? We Hindus have made life difficult for ourselves, even when we think of God, we have to think of Gender!!
As i grow older i keep coming in contact with people who have God in different capacities in their lives... as for me, the Concept of God is very simple. He ( chauvinistic that i am, i would always like to imagine God as He!) is there, and i am there. We both do our own work, mind our own business, He has nothing to do with me , neither i with Him. However, we don't disrespect each other, neither do we have anything to hate each other about and if ever our paths cross, i am sure , He will win because he is much more powerful than i can ever be. And i shall call it my bad luck and move on in life. As for Him helping me, its totally His will and popular opinion has it that God helps those who help themselves, hence i feel there isn't much importance of a prayer in our daily life, after all a concious effort towards achieving what we want should be enough to make God try to help us, isn't it?

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