Just another Idiot...

There are some people who just can't let you live in peace. They will make it a point to come back in some form or the other and bug you out of your skin. Life gets so totally screwed. Everytime you try to forget the past and get along with the present you find him/her wasting your time by getting back at you, at times even unknowingly.
Certain things that you might have associated with them come back and keep haunting you till give in only to look back in grief at the great past that was and start teaching yourself about how much the future has in store for you.
Those little things you associated with them..some obsure song in some equally unknown movie, or some shred of poetry or even something as insignificant as an expression or a look. They keep coming back.
However hard you try, there are some things that never stop hurting you. Whatever your fortification is you will end up complaining. At times even time fails in its great healing powers. For its so difficult to stop expecting things that have long ceased to exist. Hope, they say, is the best characteristic we have at times its the worst too, for we keep hoping, even if we know for sure that certain things are just not going to happen!
And i don't even know why i am writing this... for the fact that I am writing this makes me vulnerable. But, somethings just don't change...
In case you are still wondering who the Idiot is...its me (and you aren't far behind ;))

Auto Rickshawed!

Those little beetle like vehicles always enthrall me. Right from the wierd way they come to life by the yanking of a much tortured lever to the wierd way they are driven round the highways as well as the dingy by lanes and definitely the wierd people who drive them. I don't know why i am writing seperately about auto drivers, but in Bangalore ,no auto means no life!
Throughout the length and breadth of the city they form the indispensible corpuscles populating its Laboured veins. The drivers belong to a different species and their general knowledge is commendable, to say the least. Ask them anything, anything under the sun and they'll have a ready reply, whether it is about HD Deve Gowda or Windows Vista!!
You just can't miss the way a Bangalorian ( Really sorry for coining a new word for my convenience !) Autorickshaw drivers wooes a protential customer! He'll reduce his speed discreetly, slowing down to your pace and give you a pleading or an enquiring look ( depending upon his existing need for passengers). But, God help you if you want to go in a direction he's not interested in! He'll give you the dirtiest look you might ever have recieved and speed off leaving you wondering what henious crime you had committed to be treated with such disdain...
But at the end of the day, No Auto...no Bang!

True or False?

There is MG Road and there is my purse, two mutually exclusive entities who would never want to tolerate the presence of each other. The third factor, that's ME is for ever the struggling human being trying to make these two things meet and co-exist amicably. But, not to much avail. However these fights are really too petty to let them overshadow my actual purpose. Let me tell you there is something very false about this place, i mean MG Road . everyone who walks along the road doesn't look like what he actually is. There is a degree of falsehood in the whole concept of chilling out on a weekend. Every person on the sidewalk seems to be thinking something about the proverbial monday morning.
Its worth writing about the falsehood of the city. All the city has to offer is a jungle of innumerable computer terminals connected to each other through a number of local and wide area networks and the internet that offers a very superficial sense of connection and security. However much a person wants to get out of his office on a friday evening, it becomes imperative for him to get back to his beloved terminal and check all the mails he might have got over the weekend. We all work, not for the love of the work, but for everything that comes along with it. That is what is false. A living, pulsating city where the only thing that lives is the falsehood of the apparent love for work and the true craving for something better, something thats worth more than spending a sunday evening with a cup of cappucino at Barrista or CCD!! Something that goes beyond these brands, something thats really close to the heart.

Enter the City

Am in Bangalore now! after a delayed flight and a whirlwind journey by a taxi in the middle of the night we reached a company sponsored guest house. The next two days were taken up in THE GREAT HOUSE HUNT that every BITSian has to undergo to find a place to live in Bang. In the mean time there was registration for PSII and we were put into an office as well. Thus started my five months stay at the capital of Karnataka.But frankly, Bangy turned out to be quite a dissapointment,especially the language barrier...where else would you find bus numbers written only in the regional language. When someone informed me that i had to take bus number 201 E to reach a certain place from where i stay, i was elated, only to discover later that except 201 everything was written in Kannada.Hence there was no way i could find out if the particular 201 i was looking at was 'E' or not! Conversations with Autorikshaw drivers were equally frustrating if not worse. Sign language came to my mercy everytime, making me realize the omnipotence the language the dumb. We managed to find a house finally and a TV as well, all to ourselves. Little did we know then that the only time we would be spending in front of the TV would be after a 8 long hours spent in front of a computer screen !!