Enter the City

Am in Bangalore now! after a delayed flight and a whirlwind journey by a taxi in the middle of the night we reached a company sponsored guest house. The next two days were taken up in THE GREAT HOUSE HUNT that every BITSian has to undergo to find a place to live in Bang. In the mean time there was registration for PSII and we were put into an office as well. Thus started my five months stay at the capital of Karnataka.But frankly, Bangy turned out to be quite a dissapointment,especially the language barrier...where else would you find bus numbers written only in the regional language. When someone informed me that i had to take bus number 201 E to reach a certain place from where i stay, i was elated, only to discover later that except 201 everything was written in Kannada.Hence there was no way i could find out if the particular 201 i was looking at was 'E' or not! Conversations with Autorikshaw drivers were equally frustrating if not worse. Sign language came to my mercy everytime, making me realize the omnipotence the language the dumb. We managed to find a house finally and a TV as well, all to ourselves. Little did we know then that the only time we would be spending in front of the TV would be after a 8 long hours spent in front of a computer screen !!

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