Just another Idiot...

There are some people who just can't let you live in peace. They will make it a point to come back in some form or the other and bug you out of your skin. Life gets so totally screwed. Everytime you try to forget the past and get along with the present you find him/her wasting your time by getting back at you, at times even unknowingly.
Certain things that you might have associated with them come back and keep haunting you till give in only to look back in grief at the great past that was and start teaching yourself about how much the future has in store for you.
Those little things you associated with them..some obsure song in some equally unknown movie, or some shred of poetry or even something as insignificant as an expression or a look. They keep coming back.
However hard you try, there are some things that never stop hurting you. Whatever your fortification is you will end up complaining. At times even time fails in its great healing powers. For its so difficult to stop expecting things that have long ceased to exist. Hope, they say, is the best characteristic we have at times its the worst too, for we keep hoping, even if we know for sure that certain things are just not going to happen!
And i don't even know why i am writing this... for the fact that I am writing this makes me vulnerable. But, somethings just don't change...
In case you are still wondering who the Idiot is...its me (and you aren't far behind ;))

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