Desk Magic!!

Did a new book ever increase your interest to study a lot? Or were you one of those geeks who would study just as much whether its a new book or an old one? Any thing new always got my interest soaring in trying to use it, whether it's a new book or a new Table tennis bat... And so is the case with a desk. But slightly different, we were assigned desks at the company a couple of days back...and the enthusiam to sit at my own chair and getting down to work on my own project and listening to my own music on my own headphones really makes a whole lot of difference... I haven't done as much work on my project in a whole week as I did yesterday and i am sure its all about having my own place in this office. One place that i can call mine, no disturbances.I guess I am a bit selfish, but more than that i think its just Desk Magic!

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