The worst thing to say

They say, the worst thing to say is, "It could have been that way"...All these days I never believed them. For I had never had to say that. However, last night was another one of those long thought sessions, basically, the TV wasn't working and I was too pissed off to even try to tune it. Just lay quietly and thought...Life would have been so different had I not done decently in my four years of engineering, I would have been happy and content with whatever I got, for I wouldn't have had the choices to do all that I didn't do. I have participated in many a debate and discussion about choice is an illusion, then again I laughed and argued that choices were always fun. To have a choice was always a good thing.
However, making the wrong choice sometimes doesn't even leave you a chance to make ammends, even before you realise it, the chance is lost and you can spend the rest of your life repenting. But it will never come back...
But I guess I'll have to be content with saying , "It could have been that way".

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