Minister,Defend yourself!

I had never thought i would end up writing about politics on my blog! But in the present circumstances, i guess i feel too strongly about something and i had better write it down before it takes a back seat.
After dinner, we sat down in front of the TV for this show called Devil's Advocate which is a series of exclusive interviews of emminent personalities with Karan Thapar. I must say i am a huge fan of Karan Thapar for the way he handles his interviews. His inteview with the then Defence minister, George Fernandez was the first one in a chain of interviews that I had seen. However that is not the point of this post.
Defence minister Pranab Mukherjee was on the Recieving end of Karan's pointed questioning yesterday and he did make a fool of himself. Really sorry of using such a strong word, the behaviour of the minister was not only outrageous but also he was not able to answer any of the questions directed to him even close to convincingly... I was really shocked to see how a defence minister could be so evasive and unclear in his responses to a set of straight forward questions (after they were clarified three to four times by the interviewer). For every question his answer was "I don't agree with you" or " This is your conclusion!" or "Everything that was necessary has been done" or"You are not a court of law!" or something as unbelieveable as "Don't make me answer the same question twice".He refused to make any statement on any of the issues adressed during the interview.
What kind of a statesman are you minister if you can't defend yourself , your department or your government in a well meaning interview? How will the country depend on you to defend it incase of a not so well meaning operation from across the border!
Pranab Mukherjee not only tainted himself but definitely clarified one fact, that the defence ministry is one confused bunch of people who don't have their figures right or don't want to keep the people informed. I guess the country could do with a few more people who at least know how to handle an adept interviewer.
Minister, please learn to defend yourself properly before you get down to the task of defending the country.

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