Growing up.

Another day went by..another nine hours spent in the office , typing away on the comp...lines of code , incomprehensible to the normal human being, hated by the not-so-normal ones and despised by the one who writes it. 183 english tracks played in my ears almost twice before i realised that i have been listening to the same songs for quite sometime. Life in a corner of a building where I am totally unreachable , except through the internet, gets to one a little too fast. There is not much to show for a whole day spent in front of a comp, especially when you know that everything you did right from the morning needs to be changed to incorporate a simple detail which you might have forgotten due to a momentary lapse of reason (i guess the music caught me there ;)) ...
A lunch loaded with the kind of vitamins and proteins a dietician would give his right hand for and devoid of the essential human requirement, Taste, is consumed with the minimum fuss. followed by another marathon session of trying to understand and create obsure procedures for vaguer needs of out-of-the world engineers. Perhaps this is how you know you are grown. I would have pulled the house down had my food not tasted good when i as a kid at home. When you do everything you hated with just as much compassion as you tend to your favourite flower bed or with as much interest as you read your first peice of porn literature, you can safely conclude that you've grown up.

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