Food Fest!!

This weekend was another one of those wild food fests. It had started a little early with Suhel's visit and it went on till saturday evening. It was simply awesome...
We started off with a chicken snacker at KFC , followed by something called mongolian (or was it malaysian) noodles and lamb roast, not to forget the golden fried babycorn for starter. Slightly ironical to think that we ate delicious steamed corn for five bucks apeice and ended up paying almost twelve times the amount for the younger version.
Friday was another celebration of junk food, After a Paneer roll at a roadside joint and a buttered bun at another one we went off to Forum to eat at the mother of all junk food vendors, MacDonald's , the same old McGrill, medium fries and medium cola. We enjoyed ourselves groping for each others' fries and fighting over a sliver of a burger as if those little nursery days aren't over yet. Saturday afternoon found us at Takatak, another fast food joint. This time it was heavy stuff, Mutton Biryani and even I couldn't believe myself when I figured that I was too full to polish off all the food that was served to me :( But as they say, the best is always reserved for the end:
Dinner at Chung's was NICE! Hot dragon rolls smothered in the tangy hot sauce , rice noodles and some really spicy mushrooms. A fitting end to a delightful weekend. Just that the disobedient belly doesn't seem to take any notice of the painful crunches I put in every morning.

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