I don't follow cricket with the zeal that an average Indian follows it with. I spent most of the time sleeping through the third test match while my room mates were busy discussing the different strategies that the team could have used to salvage some pride in the lost match. My laziness is not a sign of disinterest, just that i think its totally the teams business to do what they think is right, for the fact that they are there and I am not, means that they know better.
However, yesterday's match was inspiring, the TV in the office is at some distance from where I sit and I started running towards the TV when Sachin was on 95, but by the time I reached it I could only see the replay of his dismissal.
But then Dhoni came out, all guns blazing and surely, that was inspiration. To see one man tear apart the morale of a whole team is great, especially when the team is Pakistan. The last thirteen overs were mind blowing. He cut, he drove, he pulled ....basically he just enjoyed himself and in the process gave India a victory which nothing less than phenomenal.
Its inspiring, to see what ONE man can do if he does it right!

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