Weekend Trip

Finally the office trip scheduled for the next weekend seems to be happening. We'll be leaving early on Saturday morning and should be back by Sunday night.
There are two reasons I am so keen on going on this trip, firstly because we (the interns) will be the younger than everyone else in the team, therefore very little responsibility and a lot of fun and secondly, I AM BORED OF THE USUAL WEEKEND !!! Now I'll happily launch into another of those "Bangalore is boring" lectures of mine, but there is a lot of work to be done and i am eagerly waiting for the weekend, at least something to look forward to. Only on Saturday I was complaining to Sapre, one of those poor souls who share their living quarters with me, how extraordinarily boring life can get when you have absolutely nothing to look forward to in a whole week (except, ofcourse, the friday evening)! As I said , Finally, something to look forward to . Here are some of the snaps of the place we are going to visit, Hope it hasen't changed much :P

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