This post is surely gonna be a vague one, nevertheless i really can't do without it. There is this idea of devine retribution which i believe in. It implies we get what we give, and i believe its true for everything in life, be it financial dealings, emotional treatment or even academic performance. Whatever you do will be done to you someday in some form or the other in some way or the other. Whats different about this idea is the fact that its not the same as saying," You Reap what you sow."And this is no declaration from a pessimistic idiot, i have seen it happen to me . The only thing that separates a human being from getting what he deserves is time, but time is not know to be very well behaved, eh?

Back to the future

Long back there used to be a trilogy of movies by this name that used to be repeated shamelessly on star movies and like an idiot i used to sit and keep watching them!!
Come to think of those days now, i really feel those idiotic days were the best ones that i have lived. Imagine spending all your four years in college thinking of making a great job and then after you've made it, sitting and asking yourself what next?
Most of us are really not pricked by the question, but i seriously find it very disturbing. That question never seems to let me live in peace. Wasn't this what i had always have a safe and secure future and get along with life nicely? Once we get to figure out our futures, the question keeps coming back, its like a mocking voice constantly whispering, "You've reached till here, What next?"... And once you know what next. The recursive process continues...

Half way through...

After the beginning came the wait..its not that easy ,is it? after the beginning of the placement season, one just waits to make a high paying job and start dreaming about how he's gonna spend the first few thousands he earns...that is, one just waits for the end. But what fills in the agonizing gap between the two points is what actually matters.
Dozens of white shirts, ties and black trousers are thrown into the process which is followed by hours of waiting patiently ( at times anxiously) outside the door of some interviewer of some company which might just be interested in you. Then comes the interview where you are made to understand how little you know and how nicely you have wasted the best three years of your life. The process is fine, as it is universally accepted...but is that one hour spent behind a closed door in front of an interviewer enough for him to judge how smart you are?
I don't know..its just a question that keeps haunting me....