Back to the future

Long back there used to be a trilogy of movies by this name that used to be repeated shamelessly on star movies and like an idiot i used to sit and keep watching them!!
Come to think of those days now, i really feel those idiotic days were the best ones that i have lived. Imagine spending all your four years in college thinking of making a great job and then after you've made it, sitting and asking yourself what next?
Most of us are really not pricked by the question, but i seriously find it very disturbing. That question never seems to let me live in peace. Wasn't this what i had always have a safe and secure future and get along with life nicely? Once we get to figure out our futures, the question keeps coming back, its like a mocking voice constantly whispering, "You've reached till here, What next?"... And once you know what next. The recursive process continues...

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