Relocated :|

As the title says, I have been relocated to the first floor from my nice little corner in the ground floor to another corner in the first floor. When I first got to know about the relocation business, I was really pissed about the whole thing, but right now i think I am feeling a little happy to have a huge window right beside me and I love a window from which I can see the sky and just keep staring for ages... besides there are a lot of people on this floor and I am hoping that much of my coding frustrations will be done away with due to the presence some knowledgable souls around me.
The guys have successfully managed to split all the BITSians and have placed us in four different corners of the floor, for the first time I won't see a BITSian if I decide to turn around in the chair and chat.:P
Whatever it is, work still needs to be done and I am looking forward to the trip just too much to even think about how this new workplace environment is going to shape up, who cares, I will be coding anyways .

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Phil said...

I live in the same house as my brother, and we still communicate mainly through instant messenger.