To Suzie and Guppu...

This is one of those obscure posts that are a little too involved in the jargon used and the people and feelings referred to, but I just can't help writing what I am writing right now.
They showed F.R.I.E.N.D.S 10-17 on star world yesterday and I was sitting in front of the TV trying to remember the last time I saw that Episode. Usually I don't like the psenti sessions they put on friends, but this one sure was different. The scene in which all six of them leaves their keys on the kitchen cabinet is too difficult to ignore.
It was the summer of 2004, a day before our Ap-T compre when Gupta suddenly gave a loud call from his den, 126,Vyas, "Guys, 1017 download complete" and we decided to see it right then. That day when we sat and watched the hour long episode, I had no clue that one day I will be sitting in a PG in Bangalore and watching the same thing without Sujan and Gupta there to throw in a psenti or a sarcastic comment ( in that order) every now and then.
It was horrible, but also in a way there is something that binds me to two of the best chaps I lived with during those wierd and wonderful college days.
Thanks for everything Guppu and Suz, everything, right from the "u are the fucker" fights in Ram in the first year to the psenti sessions and brown tape signing enthu on our last evening together on campus...miss you guys.
However F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always be there, eh?


Prasoon said...

Rahul did tell me abt the tape thingy - nice that u guys had fun n now - its all history ..
hopefully 'the journey' doesnt end with just the four years at BITS completeing - there should be more occasions when u guys can meet up n then, there are loads of other series - Life as you know it, Smallville, lost, prizon break etc etc..
Suzie right there in Bangy right?

Saikat said...

Yup...suzie is in Bang right now... i've asked him to blog quite a number of times..he just wouldn't start.

Prasoon said...

suzie shud get free from his domestic endeavors ;) - only then can he think of something like this..
n i dont think rahul has any clue of blogs either..
watever - u can have memories recorded here - i guess you'll have snaps too - gotta get rahul when i get to pilani soon..