Return to routine

After breakfast it was time to start on the long journey home. We started off at 11:30 in the morning, but even that wasn't all that uneventful. Umesh, the driver, had hurriedly closed the door of our van with the keys still left on the dashboard, inside. The door got locked and we were to travel by a vehicle which had its keys locked inside it !
The rubber lining of the front window was removed and the window was lower to gain access to the keys. We were moving fine till we got caught by Tamilnadu police just minutes away from the Karnataka border and our van owner had apparently not paid taxes for some time. A little 'reasoning ' got us through. After that it was another quite and wonderful journey while we crossed into karnataka and went on our way to Balmuri falls. We stopped for lunch at Kamat's , this time the fare was 'North Karnataka thali , everything except the chapati's made from maize flour and the buttermilk was alien to me, but it tasted great.
Balmuri falls was somewhat of a disappointment though, due to the scarcity of tourist spots around Mysore, the place had become highly crowded and as a consequence, extremely filthy. There were people bathing all around, kids playing in the water, the scene looked really fit to depict on of those famed Dhobi Ghats, but for a dhobi!
After Balmuri we decided to just head home. Dusk fell and after another stop for juice at the same place where we had had breakfast the previous day, we entered Bangalore. By the time we reached home, every joint was aching. A hot bath and some painkillers put me off to deepest sleep of my life.
And while I was thinking all about the last weekend, its friday already :P

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