A normal Weekend

A normal weekend.
Late night lachcha ( BITSian slang, for 'Laughing and chatting') on Friday, late morning on Satruday. Evening spent with friends and night playing cards and talking about various subjects starting with cricket and ending at careers and dating! Sunday was a bit different in the sense that I finally broke my vow of not watching any movie at PVR.
Saw CRASH, I had never seen an oscar winning movie in a theatre before and the initial assumption that the movie was going to be extremely involved in its content and treatment of the subject it adressed was almost proved right, but for the entry of the foul mouthed American Blacks and Whites together.
What followed was a emotional roller coaster about how every white man is not prejudiced against the blacks and why it's so difficult for a black man to see a white as just another human being and still be accepted into his home, by his own mother, leave alone his community. The other ethnic groups either present in the movie or mentioned in there definitely give it a much larger appeal than just the 'coloured' concept. Its one movie you should watch if you believe in emotions and coincidences and the fact that life must go on. A really nice movie, its worth all of those one hundred and fifty bucks I spent and if you know me for my stinginess, this is a clear sign that you should see the movie.
An autorickshaw ride from forum, the wonderful cricket match between South Africa and Australia, a late dinner, few goodnights on SMS and falling into a deep sleep waiting to wake up for another of those weeks which seem to be similiar to the extent of being carbon copies of the previous one.


Phil said...

A hundred and fifty bucks, huh? Not US dollars, I assume. :-)

The last movie I saw in the theater was a "Fun With Dick And Jane" and I only paid 2 bucks. The place we saw it at is actually referred to as the "Buck Theater".

Saikat said...

hundred and fifty ruppees, but its still costlier than 2 bucks !! :P