The Best Weekend till date.

The trip I was talking about in the previous posts happened and it was the best thing that has happened to me since I came to Bangalore. We ( twelve people) went to Masinagudi, a little hamlet somewhere in the forests on the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
Now, the trip was too good for me to finish writing all about it at one go, also I want to go into some of the smaller details without which the whole trip would not have been as enjoyable as it was, so I guess I will be writing about the trip throughout this whole week.

The Onward Journey

We started off at 6:15 from the office. The weather was really nice, it had rained the previous night and it was overcast in the morning with a light breeze blowing. All of us assembled at the office on time and were on our way by half past six. Nothing happened on the way, except being stopped by a traffic police who, contrary to all accepted conventions, didn't ask for a bribe citing some obsure reason and actually let the vehicle move ahead.
We stopped at Kamat's for a breakfast comprising Dosa and Kesari Bath (a sweet dish I have had only in Karnataka although it claims to belong to deccan cuisine). The people who decided to have Idly were in for a 'cylindrical' surprise! The shape of Kamats' Idlies were cylindrical, carefully rolled in a banana leaf, instead of usual 3 inch flying saucer shaped ones.
After that it was a non-stop journey till Bandipur where we were told that we could go on a safari only at three and trekking was also not allowed. We decided to move ahead into Tamilnadu and get to Masinagudi, passing through Muddumalai Wildlife sancuary on the way, unfortunately the only animals we saw on the way were monkeys and deers.
We reached Masinagudi at around midday and checked into our rooms, booked in advance. The beauty of the place is not something I can write and explain, fortunately we could take some snaps and I have uploaded them have a look!

Cricket: The first round

The first thing we did over there was ... play cricket! Teams of six pitched against each other with the previous exposure to practical cricket (the analysis and commenting that we do while waching matches can be safely passed into the domain of theoritical excellence) being holding a bat at least six months back either on campus or on another office trip (for the regular employees) . We tried to look and play really well...but thats not what happened to us. However after the most tiring two hours of most of our lives we went in for lunch.

And I have to get down to some work right now, therefore, lunch and everything after that can wait for tomorrow

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Phil said...

Over here, office outings usually involve softball or baseball games... but I guess cricket is pretty much the same thing.