Long live the Queen

It just got over! The third test.... And the first thing that came to my mind the moment the cricinfo site refreshed itself for the last time was , "Great!!! Long live the Queen!"
I couldn't stop myself saying that. Come on guys, we spend five days sitting in office, refreshing Cricinfo everytime we get a chance, and what does our most "formidable batting line up in the world" give us...
A huge huge defeat. The wall broke when it was required the most, little master suddenly cropped a bad shoulder from somewhere, Dhoni's Dhamaka Fizzled out. Sehwag : 15 balls to adjust and one more to start walking back!!!
I love cricket!! Someone please tell me the Hockey schedule..at least those guys lose convincingly, they don't take you to the peaks of hope before giving you a soft push into ravines!

Seriously, I AM HURT ...once again LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

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