The Best Weekend...

The lunch was ok, neither great nor inedible. Besides, the two hours of cricket has multiplied hunger by a some obscene amount and anything that was close to cooked was eaten happily.
After lunch we decided to visit the temple on top of a hillock about half a kilometer away from the place we were put up. It could be seen from the cricket ground. But before that, we decided to relax for sometime while some of the guys went off to the closest village to get some softdrinks and other "light snacks". It took them about an hour and a half to return from their mega shopping expedition while we spent our time lying around here and there. Sajin and Radhesh took advantage of a frail hammock and by the time they had finished with it, I was sure it will give way under the weight of an infant :P

Destination Temple

Everyone except Radhesh went ahead on a short trek to visit the temple mentioned earlier. It was a pretty uneventful trek , except at one place where we had pass through a quite precarious opening in a bush to follow a short cut. Varun dove into the opening scared of a barking dog that was making it way towards us, while poor Sajin was really distressed at the size of the opening. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking to say the least. We spent about half an hour on top, standing against the steady breeze, posing in as many different ways as possible to make ourselves look like the set of perfect adventurers.
By the time we returned from the trek it was dusk.
Back inside the safe boundaries of the resort we decided to have a game of frisbee played in the rugbee style, the same teams of six pitched against each other trying to score goals by firing th frisbee into the opponents' goal posts. It was too tiring and a bit too agressive for our already dimantled bodies. After a bath and dinner it was time for the most awaited event of the trip: the camp fire.


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Sajin said...

Great bloggin dude. Feels great to read the blog that brings back memories of the perfect unwinding weekend(well just about perfect).
Hope we have many more such weekends in the near future to keep you busy blogging.
Waiting for the rest of the blog..