This was the first time Holi, the festival of colours, went by and the only colour I came really close to were the purple and yellow stains on the road I stepped on while walking to office today. The whole of yesterday was spent sitting in the office and doing some changes in an User Interface so that whoever my user is enjoys using my code!!
But I did have my share of the colourful business, I coloured all my buttons green, yellow, red and purple just for the fun of it :P
This was by far the quietest holi in my life, the only other times I haven't been involved in the colour fest ( which got translated into mud, eggs and tomato fest in hostel) were the first two years of my life when I was too young to understand what it meant.
I missed it all so much; jumping on people with the most wierd colours in the world, getting thrown into a mud pit and spending hours in front of the wash basins with lemons and other colour removing agents....
Have to get back to the code and make sure everything looks nice and curt again.


Phil said...

Here's a bunch of Holi photos -- so hopefully you can get some enjoyment from them without actually being there.

Have you ever seen the movie, "Office Space"? I saw it a long time ago, but it's really never applied to me since I've never worked in an office setting.

Saikat said...

Thanks for the snaps, phil..brightened up my day a bit.
Its funny how one does feel good seeing other people enjoy even if he can't.