Gone are the day....not yet!

Those days of watching movies on a computer screen with college cronies are not gone yet!
We met up yesterday after travelling in a bus, on foot and about eight kilometers in an Autorickshaw to reach Bangalore central where Suz, Bhargav and Sikandar were already waiting for us. Just like the old times, we started pulling each others' legs, trying to decide who should bear the expenses of the food we were about to devour. Just like old times, we ended up paying for each of our shares :P
Then, instead of coming back and sleeping off in our own rooms we decided to stay over with Sikandar in his HUGE room at the NAL guest house...after stopping for Ice Cream at Corner House we entered the NAL campus and as usual we were in a for a movie show on his comp. I have been in the Elisha Cuthbert Fan Club for quite some time now and now, after seeing 'Girl next door', I know why the size of the community just keeps on increasing !!!
After the movies, everyone's love life was disected for some time till we decided to sleep off...

A great evening spent with the people who know me the best! what a way to get over all the bitterness from the last couple of days.

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