Safari n Cricket

The next morning started with Srinivas's cell phone alarm ringing after every five minutes. He had put an alarm for 4:30 and kept pressing the 'snooze' relegiously every time the alarm rang, we were only remotely awake when Jayram knocked at our door at 5 and asked if we were ready, I was quick to reply, "almost" with three guys in the room still fast asleep!
We boarded our Jeeps at half past five and thundered off into the forest while it was still pretty dark. I was so sleepy that I hardly had any interest in finding out what animals we might sight, but then I wasn't deprived of much, all we saw were a number of deers, a peacock and a couple of stags (on our way back). However, the high point of the safari was when one of the tyres of our Jeep got punctured in the middle of the jungle... With the sun just rising and the first rays hitting the mountain tops, it was a really beautiful journey down the deserted forest track, with a herd of deers crossing the road every now and then. We stopped on a bridge for a proper group snap this time, for once, all twelve of us were in the snap.

Cricket again

We reached the resort at eight in the morning and after placing orders breakfast it was time for cricket. As usual, the teams of six went onto the ground as we lost both the matches, again. The four match series ended 0-4 against us, but who cares ? The fun we had was more than winning!
After that it was time for breakfast, which, surprisingly was much decent when compared to the lunch we had the previous afternoon. After breakfast, It was time to pack up and move, just that it was a bit difficult to accept that the trip cannot go on for ever...

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