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I have been waiting to write this one for quite some time. A day in the life of your's truly, but it seems to be a staple component of every blog i have read or glanced through. I am sure its not a necessary component of a blog, but at the same time, it would be really entertaining to write how my life changed since the time I left campus last December.
The mornings don't start any more with the jingle of the little bells hanging from the huge banyan tree in the courtyard of our warden; someone's mobile rings , or my own alarm for eight o'clock. A sleeply walk to the bogs and the process of waking up continues till I am jostled into the complete awakening by the noisy flush! I step out into the sunny room and stare pitifully at the most lazy creatures in the world, the three room mates of mine. The nicest guys in the world, but I am sure they haven't seen 8 a.m. in Bangalore yet. Brushing my teeth, switching on the gyser happens and then its time to exercise. 45 crunches punctuated with heavy breathing, an occasional grunt and a curse or two. Bath in the life of a bachelor is naturally associated with some washing. Whether the clothes I wash get cleaned or not is not a matter of concern. What really matters is that i soak them in some soap water wait diligently for half an hour as instructed at the back of the sachet, wash them and put them on the line to dry.
A bun for breakfast follows the seven minutes walk to the office. Checking mail , when i get one. There are people in the world who will beg you to stay in touch when you leave them, but never find time to reply to an e-mail when you actually make an effort to stay in touch. The number of mails in my inbox every morning was going down...but when I checked it today...there were none...
Even before I figure out the bugs in the previous day's code, it's time for lunch. After lunch till dinner, life is spent in front of the comp or dicussing code with the room mates who reach office slightly later than me. We have cups of coffee and tea, play table tennis, surf the net, upload blogs... in a way, spend off our time, some way or the other.
By the time the ping pong rests its past nine o'clock. A tired walk to the restaurant followed by another one back to the room and after watching the TV for some time...its time sleep.
But thats when the mind starts wondering...
Those uncomfortable questions keep coming back to the fatigued brain. But before I reach a solution, I am asleep. Nightmares rule the head till the welcome chiming of the alarm ushers a new day...assuring me of another day to live .

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