Auto Rickshawed!

Those little beetle like vehicles always enthrall me. Right from the wierd way they come to life by the yanking of a much tortured lever to the wierd way they are driven round the highways as well as the dingy by lanes and definitely the wierd people who drive them. I don't know why i am writing seperately about auto drivers, but in Bangalore ,no auto means no life!
Throughout the length and breadth of the city they form the indispensible corpuscles populating its Laboured veins. The drivers belong to a different species and their general knowledge is commendable, to say the least. Ask them anything, anything under the sun and they'll have a ready reply, whether it is about HD Deve Gowda or Windows Vista!!
You just can't miss the way a Bangalorian ( Really sorry for coining a new word for my convenience !) Autorickshaw drivers wooes a protential customer! He'll reduce his speed discreetly, slowing down to your pace and give you a pleading or an enquiring look ( depending upon his existing need for passengers). But, God help you if you want to go in a direction he's not interested in! He'll give you the dirtiest look you might ever have recieved and speed off leaving you wondering what henious crime you had committed to be treated with such disdain...
But at the end of the day, No Bang!

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