Its time.

The time has come. The blessed week that I have been waiting for since the time I stepped onto the campus. The campus that gave my the identity that I shall have to bear for the rest of my life. Be it on an identity tag, a marriage advertisement or an obituary. Its become utterly inconcievable how I hated this place when I came here.
Its time for all the farewells, after some well meaning ( yet, ill constructed) description of me and a momento to commemorate my successful completion of my "duties" at this place I will be dutifully asked to go my way, while the well oiled machinery goes back to preparing for another set of farewells.
As of now there are just about 23 days left on campus for me. But, I am not sad, sadness is not the feeling exactly, neither is it a sense of loss. Its just one of those feelings which are so empty of any kind of thought or idea.Every time I look up at the insti building or the workshop, the labs.I don't know what to think of, whether to feel sad or happy or grateful and by the time I feel I have captured the feeling, its gone. Its like those hazy dreams we have and they slip out of our memory even while we try to get them back desperately .
All the courses I studied, all the articles I wrote, all the plays I acted in are just colourful strokes on the fast fading canvas of memory. I have no idea how much I would be able to retain.
The people I met, the ones I hold dear and the ones I love seem to have become so close now thats its time to go. Every minute takes away another precious effort to perpetuate that abstract stroke on the forgetful canvas.
I guess I will never know the feeling, for i don't know how to feel it. Perhaps, this is how we are all supposed to feel for our farewells. Or maybe I am just too scared of saying, "Its over".

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