Now this is a very wierd thing to appear on my blog, but even the most cynical ones can't help feeling happy at times. This is one of those days when everything seems to be going on a right track. I have cleaned up my room to a certain degree of satisfaction, have cleaned up the mess in my life almost completely and have read the best peice of romantic fiction till date, the place where Howard Roark tell Dominique Francon how much he "loves" her and vice versa. Peice of art, one doesn't read this kind of stuff very often, does he(incorrect english?!)?
now i would love to write about real life characters like Ellsworth Toohey, even though everyone who has read the book tells me that there cannot be a real life person as manipulative as our dear elsie, but we know better. Now why did i say "we"? because i am not the only person who has been in touch with a real life Ellsworth Toohey..there are people who have been in touch and have refused to be influenced. And if Ellsworth Toohey can be real why can't we have someone like Dominique or Howard....i am sure even they exist and are there somewhere , away form the acidic influence of the Ellsworths, untouched by the unwelcome criticism of the illiterate hoodlums who hate anything out of the ordinary.
I am happy and that is the bottomline....i have got almost what i wanted and at this moment i cannot ask for more. But again happiness too huge an achievement and every time i feel happy about something, some voive from within condemns the very need to be happy. Very wierd but very much like myself.
Obscure, eh? But then, where is the fun if everyone understood everything?

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