Durga Puja!

The best four days of the year for any bengali. This time however there were just three. And it got over so bloody fast. When i think about it now, its only a feeling of a distant involvement that engulfs me. I don't want to make this sound like an account of how the three days went like a third standard essay we were made to write after we got back from the puja vacations.
Being extremely busy in all the four days, getting to know so many people, getting close to them from different angles and suddenly the whole thing ends. After the fourth day we are suddenly thrown back into the mundane day to day routine. At times i get so pissed off with myself for having abandoned my routine to enjoy these three/four days. But then, its the most logical thing to do.
In the end however the sense of being in a huge void prevails. Don't know if it happens to me only

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