Homeward Bound

Going home had never been this mundane. I have a ticket for a train at 1:30 in the morning. I have to reach a godforsaken station somewhere in the heartlands of Uttar Pradesh by bus and I am still not sure of the route I am supposed to take. All I know is that a car will drop me off at the bus stop and I have to take a bus to Agra. The route from there is yet to be discovered.
There was a time when going home was a big thing, when I packed things 4 days in advance. I can still recall the joy of going home in the middle of my first semester. I had finished packing my bag three clear days before my train left delhi station and I had to unpack my bag several times in the middle because I had packed off stuff which I actually didn't want to take!
Four years down the line, once the bag is packed I don't have to open it up and to remove stuff packed by mistake.
Lets hope the train doesn't take too much time to reach Asansol, the one I am boarding is supposedly one of those trains which run 12 hours behind schedule as a habit. God help me.

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Seeds On The Rocks said...

My dear buddie!
U hav to re-think & put in a fresh luk everytime u wanna hav a different taste of all thats mundane.May be next time u plan to visit home,u cud think of giving a surprise visit-that cud give u a feel of the count-down.Then probably,it won't get as mundane as the last one.Arre,WHEN LIFE OFFERS U A LIME,:/QUICK ASK FOR A TEQUILA!