Medicine Shop

List of all the medicines I consumed ( and was required to pump into my body through a puncture in my left hand) in the last 10 days:
1. Metronidazole
2. Paracetamol
3. Norflox
4. Avil
5. Dexona
6. A variety of Vitamin Capsules
7. Anti inflamatory Analgesics ( Basically a lot of paracetamol with a little bit of something called iboprofen or something like that!
8. Zinetac
and another three different pills that looks really sad!

And now that I am finally off medication... breathing seems like a gut wrenching exercise!


kray said...

WOW!!!! wtf happened to u?!!!

sap said...

:P . I wrote my last compre on medication. seriously breathing seems a arduous task! A couple of pegs of teachers' made it a little less arduous though...

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