I was sitting at office kicking myself mentally for having started my professional life with the largest business house of the country when I started scribbling something on a sliver of paper lying on my desk... and just so that I don't lose the scribbling I decided to digitize the effort:
"Every person is born with a purpose. No one is free, no one is useless. The moment you understand your purpose you will learn to live. But till then you will be embroiled in the constant existential crisis about one uncomfortable question, WHY ME. Why so much mediocrity after the exposure to abandance of excellence? Why this imporvishment of faculties after the cornucopia of sensual pleasure? Why does my life alone have to roll down hill without a stop? Why do I keep asking "Why me?" every night before I sleep. Why me?
This is called a lack of freedom. This is called being bound to senses. This is why you are not free. You have to learn to live for yourself, without regrets, you have to make decisions that you wouldn't want to blame on anyone else. You have to stop asking for advice. Live for yourself. For a change."


sap said...

Smith: Surprised to see me?
Neo: No.
Smith: Then you're aware of it.
Neo: Of what?
Smith: Our connection. I don't fully understand how it happened, perhaps some part of you imprinted onto me, something overwritten or copied, but it is at this point irrelevant, what matters is that whatever happened, happened for a reason.
Neo: And what reason is that?
Smith: I killed you Mr. Anderson, I watched you die. With a certain satisfaction, I might add. And then something happened, something that I knew was impossible, but it happened anyway. You destroyed me, Mr. Anderson. Afterwards, I knew the rules, I understood what I was supposed to do, but I didn't. I couldn't. I was compelled to stay. Compelled to disobey. And now here I stand because of you, Mr Anderson. Because of you, I'm no longer an agent of this system. Because of you, I've changed, I'm unplugged, a new man, so to speak, like you, apparently free.
Neo: Congratulations.
Smith: Thank you. But, as you well know, appearances can be deceiving which brings us back to the reason why we're here. We're not here because we're free, we're here because we're not free... There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose, because, as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.
Smith 1: It is purpose that created us.
Smith 2: Purpose that connects us.
Smith 3: Purpose that pulls us.
Smith 4: That guides us.
Smith 5: That drives us.
Smith 6: It is purpose that defines us.
Smith 7: Purpose that binds us.
Smith: We're here because of you, Mr Anderson. We're here to take from you what you tried to take from us: purpose.

Saikat said...

@sap: That's all that there is in life, purpose :).

Debarati said...

Its a tricky thing...when you are never expected to do anything contrary to what you wish, the wish to do something for someones sake becomes pretty intense. I dont deny searching for purpose, but everything could just be mere chance, you know...since so much of life is stochastic, its sometimes hard to grasp the idea that there has to be defined meaning to everything that comes to pass...

Sudeshna Hazra said...

TU TENSION KAHEKO LETA HAI RE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Sudeshna Hazra said...

dude,no new postings 4 quite sumtime now.....this is kind of dissappointing buddie!:-(