I stand at the sideline and look at all the big players, playing and winning at every possible game. I look at their happy faces and try to touch their intangible achievements with the hope that that'll give me the feel that I could never give myself. But there again I fail because there's something God never gave me, the ability to pick up my pieces and make another attempt, the ability to be the proverbial phoenix. I am sorry because I am just another normal human being with big dreams, bigger limitations and mammoth failures to my name. I try not to indulge in self pity and put up a smiling face to the huge wide world. I try to hide that feeling of deficiency with a wry smile scratched across my face. But at times, all the restraint fails and all thats left of the being that is me, is heap of smoldering remains of what started off as a crackling fire. There again, I smile and say, "Its better to burn out than fade away."
I hear people laughing and talking about what he did or she did, what he made and she found. I smile and think about what I could have done and I didn't do. And I sit on this chair, in front of this computer and keep pumping incoherent chains of random thought into the internet.
Thanks to Google, they've made so much space on the net, nobody would deny me my cribbing domain.


Debarati said...

You know...i was thinking the other day, "is this really worth it??" when i came across this:


surprisingly it made me feel good! atleast i'm not the only one who thinks this way :)

Sudeshna Hazra said...

Dude,u taught me to live life without expectations but seems u never got past it... :-)
Its important 2 live every moment of ur life-good / bad...as the principle of ineptitude runs,"If u can't learn to do sumthing well,learn to enjoy it poorly!"