Sunday... after a long time

This was the first Sunday in my working life that truely felt like a Sunday. There were absolutely no plans to go anywhere or do anything. No fear of the dreadful alarm going off. After a late night gaming session on Saturday I turned in only at quarter to two.
It was nine in the morning before I woke up and decided to start the day. Even in hostel we had to get up in time for breakfast, but here breakfast stretches for as long as you want it to stretch. Therefore, by the time I reached the mess it was already 9:30.
A super oil-rich breakfast comprising the ubiquitous chole bhatoore awaited me along with a newspaper splashed with brilliant images of Vidya Balan and justifications as to why she's the kind of girl you can take out to a night club and and even to meet your mother. I haven't got much idea about the kind of girl I might want to take out to a nightclub (In most cases I would look forward to getting hooked to one at a night club only), but I agree with "the taking to your mother" part. Definitely... but there are a few people already in mind, Vidya Balan can wait.
I can understand the reader widening his/her eyes and condemning this blatant egoistic comment.
After breakfast, two peaceful hours were spenting in poring through the Sunday Times. Life, Horoscope and some really comical matrimonials. I am not joking, if you want to ready some really funny, grammatically minimalistic literature, Matirimonials is the place to find it! Some 45 year old woman looking for "tall, handsome, middle aged male"is just one sane example. There are so many things about the matrimonial pages that are just hilarious. Some day, with a little more time at hand, I should be able to write something about the matrimonials. ;)
Then there was lunch, right from the day I joined BITS, Sunday lunches have always remained attractive and it hasn't ceased being so even here in Mathura. The spicy chicken curry with the red gravy and shreds of onions and cubed tomatoes, the warm rotis with melted butter, the fine long grained steaming rice...mouthwatering!
This was followed by some reading in the mellow afternoon sun and a nice siesta. The persistent ringing of the mobile broke the sleep, on the other side was a long lost friend. A conversation spanning every topic we'd ever discussed, right from friends' girlfriends to drinking habits...
Evening was spent in buying a razai to defend myself against the life threatening winter. This was my first visit to a Gandhi Ashram Khadi Bhandar. In case you have a chance, go and check out the variety of stuff they make.
The mess is usually closed on a Sunday evening, we had dinner at the "most happening place" of mathura. A family restaurant called "Brijwasi Royal". The crowd was good, the food mediocre and the ambience third grade. But one really cannot complain much. After all we are at Janmabhoomi.

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