End of days

Another year comes to an end. Definitely the most eventful one in life till date. Lots of people have come and gone, lots of places have been visited. I have travelled to almost all the corners of the country during the Internship and training periods. Bangalore, Vadodara, Mumbai, Agra, Delhi, Mathura and Pilani. That makes it a little of east, west, north and south of the country.
I have gone through periods of extreme loneliness and isolation, mental turmoil and I have moved from sharing one cubicle with three other people to having one of my own!
I have bought the three basic necessities of solitary living a camera, a laptop and a bike.
And I have successfully managed to push myself to the depths of self pity and come bouncing back to feeling good...
Everything put together its been a year worth remembering for all it had brought along and everything it took away.

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-=|R΢k¥|=- said...

which bike ???