And then again.... after the fun comes the time of reckoning.
I remember in Class three I had a teacher called Mrs. Gayner who was probably one of the best teachers one could have when he is in third standard. She would let us go and play around and still make sure we never broke those formations we were made to walk around in.
But that is not the point, the subject of this post is something that she had said in the broken hindi with a thick Irish accent,
"Pehle majaa, phir sajaa".
Sometimes things remain with you for eternity, I haven't seen Mrs. Gayner for more than 14 years now, but everytime I think how bad I feel now that I have to work so much after those carefree days in College, I always come up with that one sentence,
"Pehle Majaa, phir sajaa"!


Sujan Dhar said...

carefree this saiko's blog..?????????!!!!!!!!!

Saikat said...

@ uncle:
in the hindsight, those were the "carefree" days. Working is like "from the frying man into the fire", just that I have learnt to handle it now.

Seeds On The Rocks said...

r u sure,u'v learnt it?