Honeymoon Travails

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed, questions raised and comments made in the following article are completely my own and should not be interpreted to represent the view of anyone related to me.

1. Why would you, (anyone for that matter) want to go on a Honeymoon with a bus full of other couples who are perfect strangers?
2. What kind of people bark and purr on the first night on honeymoon?

3. How often do honeymooning couples from all over the country, across communities travel in the same bus for honeymoon?

4. How does a Gay Indian man differ from a Gay NRI?

5. How does a Bengali woman drape her saree so that it comes off at every half chance?

6.When do superheroes find superheroes to marry?

7. How do you follow a bus on an imported sports bike without being noticed?

And last question....

8. How do you define a totally mindless comedy?

Your answer lies in the heading... go watch the movie and before you set out for the theatre, please extract your brains and leave it well preserved in the house. Exposing it to so much anomaly can take its toll!


Ch@ry said...

Have you seen 'Badshah' (SRK)? Was equally mindless.

I'm OK with mindless but entertaining films, but when it's boring, it's just f**king irritating. That being said, I've not watched a Hindi movie in 6 months, and am willing to watch almost anything right now.

gpatil said...

how can you even dare to write so much about such an insensible movie?
these nightmares are never to be discussed outside the cinema hall.