Operation Mayhem

I don't care if they came in a speed boat. I am not bothered about where they came from or what their ideology is. I don't know if they came from the lands of our friendly neighbours of if they are 'highly motivated'. I have no interesting in finding out if the gunmen were Deccan Mujahideen or their brethren from Damascas. I want them chopped to death in some dingy corner of the laundry room in the basements of Taj. No glory, no martyrdom.
All I care about is that a hundred of my countrymen are dead, one of our most prestigious landmarks has been mutilated and the common man in the country's financial capital, after losing much of his hard earned money in the market meltdown, is now scared for his life.
Hence like any normal human being, should I not proceed to look for the first and most visible scapegoat? Most of my friends would say, "Sure! Pull the shirt off Patilji's back!", "Bring out Afzal Guru and hang him right away!", "Lets bloody drop a nuke somewhere west of Wagha!"
Since there are so many people already looking at these myriad interesting solutions to the problem of blatant man-slaughter in the name of some fundamental dictat (which I refuse to buy because I am 24 and I know that no regilion asks you to kill)
I would prefer to look at the mirror and think if the person on the other side has had something to do with it.
The world knows how divisive a crowd we are becoming in India. Eighty percent of us don't know what's happening in our neighbour's house. We are just not bothered. We are happy competing amongst ourselves to earn more money, fame, grades, contacts, cars, houses and foreign trips. We are least bothered about what the country goes through. We have reduced ourselves to that crab tank which doesn't need a lid. Why so? Because whenever one crab gets too close to jumping out, the others pull it back in. Hence people come to our country in speed boats, kill a hundred odd innocent folks and leave the country paralyzed.
Oh, an observation I totally forgot to mention. I haven't heard anything from the great Marathi saviour, Mr. Raj Thakarey. Is he too scared to get out of his hole and wave his tongue uttering filthy incantation in pure Marathi against the people from northern India? Or does he think that this massacre is another dastardly act of our brothers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh?
He has probably played the biggest role in dividing the city at a regional level.
My country lives on though and I must get back to my books because I also belong to that tank of crabs, I have a TT match in the evening, a session of Toastmasters after that and a presentation and a quiz on Saturday! They are still important.


Aniruddha Biswas said...

We as a nation perhaps suffer from collective amnesia.Do we still remember the number of terrorist acts that have taken place over the last 6 months.As an ordinary citizen we can only feel a sense of deep frustration over the current scheme of things,think about these acts for a while and then get over it.The media covers acts of terrorism like covering a live cricket ODI,then some lame duck excuse is cooked up by the political fraternity,then we again get on with our lives....only to be shockingly awakened by another terrorist act

minoti said...

wow my dear young man commendable!!!!its really very matured comment that ur asking to look inside and not pointing fingers as many of my generation is so fond of doing..its hearting 4 me to know that v have young adults like u my country has hope...incidental i am 46..

Saikat said...

@Aniruddha: We have a perception of being helpless or just have dreams that don't tie in with the state of affairs our country is in.
@Minoti: Thanks, but I am far from actually doing a lot to help. Honestly, being objective in spotting the issues is only a first step.