Childhood... once more

On my way to the office the other day, I walked past a park and saw a number of kids playing cricket. The first thought that struck me was, " What day is it? How come there's a holiday today? and if its a holiday why am I going to..."
It was then that the facts struck me. I go to an office and not to attend classes anymore... the kids playing around means nothing other than the fact thats its summer vacation, the days of a long vacation are overfor me though... we need to go to office and meet deadlines and no more of happy afternoons flavoured with home made cookies and notebooks filled with holiday homework.
Its time to move into reality. Gone are the days of running around and begging the powers that be, to accelerate my growth so that I could go to office like dad and have enough money to buy myself a large candy bar every day. I want to play cricket once more and live without having to worry about what I would have for dinner tonight, but then, that time has passed and its time for the much coveted "wild bachelor life".


Psyche said...

I didnt go to office today! Yay!!! Stayed home to sort out various things, like my life :)

But y'know what I realized as I sat home that weekends are never relaxing coz of the friends to meet, the things that shd hav been done last week and what not. But take a regular work day off (when you are in the pink of health) and check out how todally rejuvinating it can be! Try it sometime

Neways, sort abt uncle is very much true. I thought posting it would help.

Phil said...

Oooo... "wild bachelor life", huh?

Trust me, you're better off playing cricket ;-)