Freaky Friday

Prakash went to Chennai. Randeep went to Pondicherry. Varun went to Goa. Srinivas went to Hyderabad. I stayed back. Another weekend looming large with no specific job at hand and a wild urge to run home, but 2000 kilometers is something you can't run whenever your mind urges you to do so. Going to Goa was an option but on a trip like that, the company matters a lot and the gang going to Goa was just not my kind. Again, it will be very difficult to describe what is my kind!
But there are some people we just know we can't go around with, don't we?
Life in Bangalore seems to be just rolling down hill. Initially there was anitcipation, followed by excitment and finally a well deserved comfort in the office and back in the room. However, once the malls, movie and play theatres were visited, there was nothing left in Bangalore. Nothing great or really attractive, only a number of false weekend promises of relaxation and the feel good "big city" factor.
I shall go back to the room and spend ages staring into the TV till I fall asleep. I Noticed one brilliant thing about Star movies yesterday, was watching The day after tomorrow which started at 1:30 in the morning and there wasn't a single commercial break! Long since I had seem a movie without a break.


Psyche said...

Hey you. Lookie, this will happen in any city that isnt your home town. Tell you what. Join some classes (bet you've heard this advice before). But it works. You meet more people, discover interesting things about yourself and the city you live in.

And get yourself a bike. And a helmet.

Ta, and enjoy the 3 day weekend :)

Saikat said...

bike:too risky and I am planning to leave Bangalore in a couple of months or so for a more uncertain living. :P

kray said...

:D are u sure u didn't just sleep off and hence not notice the commercials?!!

Saikat said...

I am sure i didn't sleep off.. simple reason: I have a crush on the female lead, otherwise its pretty useless to sit through the same special effects marathon for the third time :P