Who is backward ?

Who is backward?
The guy who doesn't have enough money to eat, who is not educated enough to read the price printed on the package of rice he has to buy, who cannot afford to send his kids to school, who finds it difficult to procure enough medicine to save his dying relative ?
Or the guy who eats 4 to 6 times a day, maintains a decent living with his family and kids, has a number of pets and is a member of some of the local clubs and societies?
If we have to take care of the backward people of the nation , its imperative that we have a clear method judge who's backward and who's well placed in the society. What if a brahmin doesn't have enough money to eat a square meal a day and a dalit maintains a cowshed of over a hundred cows ? Who is in need of reservation? Even a dumb blonde can answer that.
But I guess our government has lost the ability to reason and to think of such anomalies with the most qualified prime minister in the whole wide world at the head, ashames me further.
For how long will we keep turning a blind eye to the actual needs of the nation in favour of uplifting the mythological backward classes. Gandhi worked for untouchables when there were untouchable. Who are we trying to help with our reservation policies now? People who've already built a fortune by being allowed to surge past the hard working and more deserving 'general category' just because they were born into a family who happen to have been declared backward by some survey conducted in the early independence era?
But who care... with the best Universities in the world looking forward to training the best Indian minds trying desparately to escape the skewed government policies, and recieving encouraging response from us, its already too late.


Debarati said...

the best brains you are talking about has to go through the entire process of being selected for undergratuate education! most calls from the US come after you complete that - till then its as difficult as it is in India, may be more...

Phil said...

Interesting. I'm not familiar enough with Indian politics to be able to offer any relevant feedback, but it definitely sounds like an important matter.

Regarding your book suggestion, it's being held for me at the library. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Psyche said...

mythological backward classes...good one :)

Just can never understand the dumb logic behind having reservations for jobs as well. I mean.. really!! Isnt it enuf that they enjoyed reservationas ALL they way up to here. Arent we atleast now equal??

Ch@ry said...

reservation is not done with an intention to help the downtrodden... all this is vote-bank politics.