Monday Monster!

I knew this!
Somewhere deep down I knew I would be sitting at my desk on monday and typing away something !! We got up frigging early today to catch the morning show of Ice Age 2 at PVR, but even before 10 in the morning all shows of the movie were booked! How extraordinarily ridiculous!
Total frustration saw us walking all the back to office, turning on our systems and getting down to some work-blogging-chatting-associated activities.
I wish there never were any holidays!
Monday Monster has its own ingenious ways of driving us to office even in the most improbable of circumstances. When some guy in some advertisement said, "I always wanted to quit on a monday morning.", I didn't give it much thought. Now I know.


Debarati said...

Oh no!!! Ice age manages to slip out of everybody's fingers! wonder whats the catch!

ofcourse, your spellings are slipping into "rediculously" dangerous levels....

Phil said...

I think I asked you this before, but have you ever seen the movie, "Office Space"?